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Your Maui Real Estate and Short-Term Rental Management Agent  — A Decade of Trust and Expertise You Can Rely Upon.

If you've never met me before, chances are good we'll meet at the farmers market, Mana Foods, or out in the surf lineup. The soul of my Real Estate Business is our neighborhood right here on Maui, where (even after having been ‘round the globe twice), both my family and I still feel most at home. There hasn't been another place where the integrity I feel inside, is directly connected to my surroundings. I feel very fortunate to live here.

With over a decade in the Real Estate and Vacation Rental Industry, you can count on me to provide you with professional service for buying, selling, and managing short-term rentals.

When it comes to my Real Estate Business, the most important thing to me is providing value to my customers. From detailed market history reports to permit research, or exploring options for remodeling; I can deliver.  I'm highly invested in tools that allow me to produce things such as high-quality Walk-Through Videos, 3d CAD architectural plans, advanced property search software. 

Once a client focuses in on a property to purchase, I'll be there to shoot a detailed walkthrough video to share with them in as little as 48 hrs.  Custom videos are great for sharing with friends and family to get their opinions.  Video also gives you a fantastic record of the property, giving you the chance to revisit it allowing you to get to know it in a way that a single visit can't do.

If you find a property that you want to know more about, let me know and I'll get to work on it.  If you're on the mainland, no problem.  My videos are the next best thing to seeing it in person.  You get to see everything that you would see if you were there with your feet on the ground.  I'll even go explore the areas that are difficult to get to such as gulches, the attic, or even old WWII bunkers (yes, they do exist on residential properties here).

Prior to being a full-time agent, I did home design and remodeling for almost a decade.  When you look at homes with me, it's like shopping for a used car with a custom car maker/car mechanic.  I always take a good look under the hood and give an overall critique of the property.  The good and the bad.

With my extensive background in Real Estate, Construction and Design, I specialize in high-value properties throughout Maui and have extensive knowledge about the market trends unique to these areas. My team and I, use our vast experience in proactively addressing every detail before it grows into a problem. Working with me you can count on: Trust, Communication and, Integrity.

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